Although many consider braces to be a cosmetic treatment, there are many other reasons that braces are a healthy choice for better oral health. If you are wondering “why get braces?” wonder no more. Braces can impact many things besides the appearance of your smile.

Improving Appearance

Most think of cosmetic reasons when asking themselves “Why get braces?”
Truth is: braces can improve the look of your smile. But improving something so central to your face has impact that sometimes we don’t think about, with the new alignment in your teeth, often there is an impact on how your lips, cheeks, and face appear, as the change in position can help fill out sunken cheeks, or reduce the appearance of thin lips, among other ways that realigning teeth may impact your facial appearance. This is only one reason to get braces though, as braces benefits extend well beyond the cosmetic.

Healthier Teeth and Gums

The gentle pressure of braces can actually help strengthen the soft tissues in the mouth, and the bones as well, similarly to how exercise strengthens bones and muscles in the rest of your body. It also can help reduce the risks of tooth decay, teeth grinding, that are more likely when teeth are misaligned. Why get braces? They’re really another way to encourage good oral health.

Better Bite

A better bite can also have an impact on how you live, as it may affect how you chew and digest your food. Being able to bite and chew properly because of correct alignment is the first step in better digestion. It does also help to improve the appearance of your smile, but that is in addition to the overall health benefits of better aligned teeth. “Why get braces?” Because your teeth do an amazing job every day, and the better they are aligned, the better they can do their job of chewing, eating, and smiling!

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