At Reed Orthodontics, we focus on more than just making your smile look great.  We want to help you keep your teeth as clean and bright as possible!  We use a special product to protect the enamel, called “Opal Seal”.

People with braces have more bacteria on their teeth than people without braces. Even with regular brushing and flossing, braces make it difficult to keep your teeth clean. Which is why we utilize Opal Seal during our bonding process.


  • Application is totally pain-free.
  • It’s completely discreet protection
  • Opal Seal can benefit anyone with braces not just kids
  • When combined with proper oral hygiene, Opal Seal helps you keep a bright and healthy smile

How it Works:

Before putting a bracket on, Dr. Reed will apply a thin layer of Opal Seal to the entire surface of your tooth. It will keep the bracket in place and contribute to your enamel health in two important ways.

  • It acts as a “seal” or barrier between your enamel and plaque by completely covering the tooth surface.
  • It provides fluoride to your teeth. Fluoride is an essential mineral for preserving healthy enamel, which is why it is in many water sources and almost all toothpastes.


What Can happen if Opal Seal is NOT used:

Decalcification is when acid from plaque and bacteria sits on the teeth long enough, it begins leeching calcium from the enamel, which creates ugly white spots on your teeth

The health of your teeth and awesome smile is one of our highest priorities.  At Reed Orthodontics, we are creating Smiles For A Lifetime!”