Top Questions Asked by Dr. Reed’s Patients

1. When do I get my braces off? People always have this question when they have braces. Dr. Reed lets his patients know what is needed to complete treatment, so the patient feels empowered to keep their treatment on schedule. Cooperation with oral hygiene and elastic can accelerate treatment. 2. How long will I have to wear my braces? Each treatment is unique. Once Dr. Reed gathers your records and can study your individual case, he can give you an estimated time frame. There are new technologies that Dr. Reed can offer to reduce treatment time. 3. Can I have Invisalign instead? Each patient is different and has specific needs. Dr. Reed will address all possible options that are available for your treatment at your initial exam appointment. 4. How long do I have to wear my retainers? The answer is forever! Your teeth will always want to shift throughout your life. If you continue to wear your retainers this will help prevent movement, and keep your smile beautiful for a lifetime! 5. Why do I need two phases of treatment? If Dr. Reed can intervene and help expand your upper and lower arches this will help to shorten your future treatment time in the second phase. 6. Will I need to have teeth extracted? This will depend on how crowded your teeth are. When Dr. Reed has reviewed your patient records he will be able to determine whether or not any extractions will be needed for your treatment. 7. Will it hurt to get my braces on? No, getting braces attached to your teeth is very simple and easy. The process involves keeping your teeth very dry and using a bright (ultraviolet) light to make the adhesive (glue) strong. After a day or two your teeth may ache a little, but all that is needed is a pain reliever such as Tylenol, and the tenderness will subside in less than a week. 8. What food can I eat with my braces on? Almost everything you could eat before braces. You will not be able to bite into hard things, but most hard things can be cut up and chewed on your back teeth. No, sticky chewy foods should be eaten as they can pull the brackets off. Sweet things like cookies or cake can be eaten if you brush, or rinse after eating.