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I wanted to show my sincere appreciation for this orthodontic office. The whole staff has been so kind and attentive to all my needs. They show professionalism with everything they do. I will recommend [them] to any adult or adolescent that needs braces. It’s so worth it in the end. Thank you again.
Christina G.

At , we know that excellent orthodontic care with Invisalign or braces is about more than just cosmetics and a straight smile. Improper alignment can cause jaw pain and chewing dysfunction. Overcrowded teeth can be more susceptible to decay and the surrounding gums are more likely to develop periodontal disease.

When it comes to Invisalign, braces and orthodontics, we specialize in:

  • Invisalign. Invisalign straightens teeth using medical-grade plastic aligners rather than metal brackets. This allows for better oral hygiene, increased comfort, fewer appointments, and the relief of no visible appliances.
  • Pitts 21. This self-ligating system offers the advantage of 3D control earlier in the process. Smooth edges and less wires mean they’re more comfortable and require much less in-office time for adjustments.
  • Damon System. One of the most innovative treatment options we offer our patients is the Damon System. These incredible braces straighten your smile while avoiding all the problems you probably associate with braces. They work faster, are self-ligating (which makes them much less visible), and are far more comfortable.
  • Early Treatment. Starting as early as age 7, we evaluate a child’s teeth and see whether treatment is likely to be needed. By guiding incoming teeth, we’re able to lessen spacing issues, impacted teeth, and the need for extractions (hopefully, avoiding them altogether!).
  • Adult Treatment. It’s never too late to have a smile you feel great about! With the availability of comfortable, discrete options like Invisalign and Damon clear braces, we are treating more adult patients than ever before.
  • Two-Phase Treatment. For young children who show signs of significant orthodontic issues, we offer a two-phase treatment, focused on preventing the problems from worsening. Phase 1 controls the development of the jaws, helping them align and accommodate emerging teeth. Phase 2 ensures each tooth is in proper position so they can all function together smoothly. This is usually accomplished through the use of braces and retainers.
  • Common Treatments. Orthodontic care is about far more than just fixing crooked teeth. We also treat crowding, open bite, overbite, underbite, missing incisors, overjet, and more.

Not only do our patients rave about how great their smiles look when finished, but also about their comfort during treatment and the great care they received at each appointment.

You deserve a mouth that works for you, not against you. Call to schedule a braces and orthodontic evaluation for you or your child at .

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