Orthodontics has changed a lot over the years. Many new Orthodontic advances allow us to serve our patients better. Read on to learn more about how Orthodontics have improved.

Digital Technology

Digital technology allows for less invasive exams, more accurate imaging, and no mess impressions of teeth created by digital technology. All in all this technology allows Orthodontists to see their patients needs, and meet them with more advanced ways of evaluating each patient.

Different Wires and Anchors

One exciting facet of new orthodontic advances is that new improved materials allow for wires that need to be tightened less and anchors that allow for better ways of adjusting and aligning teeth.


Not everyone needs wires and brackets. Invisalign gives the straighter prettier smiles with more freedom to eat and drink as usual without worrying about damage to braces. Although they require excellent dental hygiene, they give more freedom in the ability to have the same brushing and flossing routine as before. This is one of the more well known orthodontic advances.

Robotic Wire Bending Technology

This allows for wires that are bent more precisely and easier to install, eliminating the need for some patients to find a specific orthodontist who can complete the harder to reach braces adjustments.

More Options for Each Patient

New orthodontic advances have broadened the resources for orthodontists, and changing technology give orthodontists a better picture of each patient, and allow us to give our patients better options that suit their unique needs.

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