New Technology- Accelerated Orthodontics

At Reed Orthodontics, Dr. Reed is constantly researching and implementing state-of-the-art treatments that we can use to enhance the options and care that we provide for our patients. Propel is a fast and gentle way to accelerate your orthodontic treatment, allowing treatments to be completed up to 50% faster. Propel is an advanced technique performed with the innovative micro-perforatation device that fast tracks a patient’s orthodontic treatment. This medical device creates a series of micro-osteoperforations that harness the patient’s biology to stimulate the bone surrounding the teeth. This helps the teeth to move faster, thereby reducing overall treatment time. The method also enables teeth to move easily into the ideal position in less time and requires fewer visits. propel2 Propel can be used in conjunction with either braces or clear aligners, like Invisalign, and can be performed in minutes right here in our office. Because of Propel’s micro-invasive manner, patients can return to their daily schedule of activities with no needed recovery time. Propel can be used from the start of treatment to accelerate a patient’s overall orthodontics or added during the course of treatment to facilitate any challenging movements. To learn more, please contact our office.