WE VALUE OUR PATIENTS and would like to make achieving a beautiful smile easier. We are happy to file your insurance claim on your behalf. Please provide all the necessary insurance information that is required to submit.

  • Name of the insurance
  • Complete address and phone #
  • Subscribers name
  • Subscribers date of birth
  • Subscribers ID# or SS#, group #

KEEP US UPDATED with any insurance changes. Orthodontic insurance DOES NOT pay upfront. The benefit is dispersed over the period of time the patient is in active orthodontic treatment. Therefore, it is very important to keep us informed of any changes to your insurance such as; discontinuing your insurance, changing your insurance, and job changes.

When changing insurance during treatment, please be aware there are many variables that can financially effect you. These include:

  • Different lifetime maximum
  • No “out of network” benefits
  • No longer “in network”
  • % payable changes
  • Does not cover work in progress
  • Insurance does not cover orthodontics

QUICKLY get new information about changes to our office because insurance typically has a timely filing clause. This means they are able to reject the claim if they have not received it within 12 months from the start of treatment.

We would appreciate the opportunity to assist you through the “INSURANCE MAZE”. As we work together, we can achieve a beautiful smile in a cost effective way!