It’s Never Too Late to Get Treated by an Orthodontist in Denver, CO

Many dental experts have reported that straight teeth offer more than just a great smile. Straight teeth can also reduce the wear and tear of teeth, improve chewing efficiency, and minimize the chances of developing periodontal disease. It would seem that many people have received this message clearly because an article from Orthodontic Products magazine reports that a survey sponsored by the American Association of Orthodontics has found that more and more people have been opting to receive orthodontic treatment: The number of adult patients increased 14% in a 2-year period from 2010-2012, to a record high of 1,225,850 patients ages 18 or older. “Many of our adult patients are telling us it’s time for them to get their smile on track,” says Gayle Glenn, DDS, MSD, president of the AAO. “Adult patients often have gone years—even decades—trying to hide their teeth, while not even entertaining the idea of orthodontic treatment because of misplaced concern about having treatment as an adult. The good news is that today’s wide variety of innovative treatment options can make the process of orthodontic treatment barely noticeable, while offering the dual lifetime benefits of improved oral health and a more attractive smile.” Just as the statistics show, it is never too late to have crooked teeth treated by a reputable Denver orthodontist. In fact, other studies have shown that even senior citizens have opted to receive orthodontic treatment. With that in mind, here are some of the ways a skilled orthodontist can help you achieve straight teeth: Damon® System The Damon® System is a revolutionary new style of braces. Although the Damon® System still makes use of stainless steel wire, the brackets are made of clear material. In addition, the brackets make use of metal clasps that hold the wire in place, eliminating the need for regular tightening sessions. Invisalign® Invisalign® is a dental aligner made of clear plastic, making it virtually invisible, even when smiling. Furthermore, Invisalign® is a removable piece, allowing patients to eat food that would have otherwise ruined braces, as well as brush and floss their teeth as they normally do. If you wish to find out more about how you can achieve straight teeth and a confident smile, contact an experienced orthodontist in Denver, CO. Most orthodontists, like Dr. Charles F. Reed, offer complimentary consultations so do not hesitate to see an orthodontist and inquire the best orthodontic treatment for you.