There are various components of orthodontic treatment that work together to create the progression needed to transform your smile. One very important component is the wire attached to your brackets. In the beginning stages of orthodontic treatment, Ni-Ti (Nickel Titanium) wires are frequently used to put gentle forces on the crooked teeth to align them.   A variation of Ni-Ti wires are heat-activated and are beneficial in the beginning stages as well.

  • Heat-activated wires can hold the deformed configuration at room temperate, but when the wire reaches the temperature of a patient’s mouth, the wire will return to its original shape.


  • If the teeth are extremely crooked, the wire can be cooled so it can be tied into the brackets easier and after a few minutes, it will reach the temperature of the patient’s mouth, displaying its Ni-Ti elastic properties.


  • The warm wire will assume its original U-shape and carry the teeth to their new, straighter positions.

Your teeth will likely be sore after this appointment, so we always recommend cold drinks or ice cream.