If you’re suffering from a broken or loose braces bracket or wire, don’t freak out! It’s happened to almost everyone who has had braces at one time or another! Sometimes more than once! It’s usually a quick and easy fix. Here’s what you need to know about how to fix broken braces until you can get to an orthodontist for a more permanent repair.

What to Do First

Before we explain how to fix broken braces, the first step you should take is to call your orthodontist right away. They’ll want to see you as soon as possible to ensure that your braces get repaired promptly and thoroughly to keep your treatment plan on schedule!

One more tip: Don’t be afraid to tell them what happened! If there’s a way to break braces, chances are they’ve seen it happen before! They help patients with broken braces just like yours nearly every day.

Fixing Braces at Home

While you’re waiting to get to your orthodontist’s office for repairs, there are usually some things you can do in the meantime to make things a little more comfortable. If you’re attempting to fix your braces, it’s usually a two-person job, so make sure an adult is with you to help and supervise. It’s also important to make sure to clean any tools with rubbing alcohol or hot water and soap before using them in your mouth.

If a wire has broken, come loose, or is poking you uncomfortably, it can be helpful to trim it with nail clippers or use small pliers or tweezers to bend it into a more comfortable position. You can use some of the wax your orthodontist gave you when you first got braces to cover the end of it or temporarily attach the wire to a nearby bracket.

If a bracket has come loose from a tooth and is still on the wire, you can also use the wax to fix the bracket in place or cover it to prevent it from rubbing against your cheek or gums. If the bracket has fallen off, bring it with you to the orthodontist for the repair.

It Happens to the Best of Us!

Many common mistakes or mishaps can lead to broken braces, so don’t feel embarrassed if it happens to you! It happens to the best of us! Plus, now you’ll know how to better protect your braces next time!

We’re always happy to help you with your orthodontic treatment journey every step of the way, no matter what happens. So, never hesitate to reach out with questions, concerns, or emergencies anytime you need a little extra help.

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