If you have orthodontic insurance, as a courtesy to our patients we would be happy to do the filing for you. You just need to make sure we have all of your current information, and we will take it from there. When we do the initial submittal, we submit for the full amount of orthodontic treatment. The insurance company will pay in increments. They usually make either monthly, quarterly, or yearly payments. Some even pay at 6 month intervals. They do spread their payments over the time period the patient is in orthodontic treatment, so it is important to continue paying your insurance premiums until they have finished their payments. Many people have changes in insurance companies during treatment. We would love to help you out by submitting to them, however it is the patients responsibility to get the new insurance info to us to enable us to file. It creates confusion and possibly a loss of benefits to you when we are not kept current on your orthodontic insurance. In addition, you should know that if your insurance changes during treatment, the new insurance might not have orthodontic coverage, might not cover work in progress, or might change your anticipated benefit. There are many issues we need to check to ensure you will receive your benefit. Remember, our goal is to assist you in receiving the maximum benefit that your insurance provides. This will allow you to proceed with the deserved orthodontic service and an outstanding smile.