Benefits of a Good Nights Sleep


When was the last time you had a truly restful nights sleep? At Reed Orthodontics, we are aware that sleep deprivation takes its toll on your mental, physical, and emotional health. “Sleep is a quiescent period where the cells are doing a lot of repairing. Your hormones act differently when you’re asleep, and your immune […]
If you have crooked or crowded teeth, you may have considered visiting a reputable orthodontist in the Denver-Aurora Metropolitan area, such as Dr. Charles F. Reed, to have your teeth realigned. While orthodontists are well-known for their expertise in correcting crooked teeth, orthodontists also specialize in correcting “bad bites” (overbite, underbite, open bite). In fact, […]
Most of the time, Aurora orthodontics practices are automatically associated with braces and other treatment methods used to straighten out a person’s teeth. While there is nothing wrong with that line of thinking, it should be emphasized that orthodontics goes beyond simply straightening the teeth. One of the other dental problems that experienced orthodontists, such […]
Many dental experts have reported that straight teeth offer more than just a great smile. Straight teeth can also reduce the wear and tear of teeth, improve chewing efficiency, and minimize the chances of developing periodontal disease. It would seem that many people have received this message clearly because an article from Orthodontic Products magazine […]