The beautiful smile of a loved one makes a lasting impression on us all. At Reed Orthodontics, your local Aurora orthodontist will take an “impression” of your mouth to formulate a plan to achieve our mission, to “create a smile for a lifetime”! Until now, the process of getting an impression of your teeth wasn’t […]
If you’ve been wondering why orthodontic treatment sometimes involves the use of elastics, let us explain! Orthodontic brackets and wires are used to straighten the top and bottom teeth and develop better arch alignment. Elastics are used to develop better contact and relationship between the upper and lower arches. When not worn correctly, teeth can […]
At Reed Orthodontics, we always stay ahead of the technology curve to offer our patients the best treatment options available. Braces technology has come a long way in the last decade, making treatment both faster and more comfortable for patients. In our office, we now use self-ligating braces. The Damon System of self-ligating braces are […]

How Wires on Your Braces Work:


There are various components of orthodontic treatment that work together to create the progression needed to transform your smile. One very important component is the wire attached to your brackets. In the beginning stages of orthodontic treatment, Ni-Ti (Nickel Titanium) wires are frequently used to put gentle forces on the crooked teeth to align them. […]

What is Opal Seal


At Reed Orthodontics, we focus on more than just making your smile look great.  We want to help you keep your teeth as clean and bright as possible!  We use a special product to protect the enamel, called “Opal Seal”. People with braces have more bacteria on their teeth than people without braces. Even with […]