A common question orthodontists hear once the excitement of getting braces wears off is “When will I get my braces off?”

The good news for patients is advanced technology has opened new opportunities to make treatment faster than ever before! The manipulation of the biology of tooth movement is an exciting new horizon in the field of orthodontics, and it’s facilitating accelerated treatment. A variety of techniques are already in use; these include using laser and electromagnetic exposure, light mechanical forces, surgical stimulation, and cyclic vibrations. When these innovative technologies are incorporated together with Invisalign removable aligners, it means treatment isn’t just faster, it’s also virtually invisible.

Recently, I had a woman come into my office who wanted to fix the crowding of her front teeth in a matter of months. Her wedding date was set for the end of 2016! She had been anticipating this wonderful event her entire life and wants it to be perfect, including her smile. With the use of Invisalign appliances, she was able to remove the trays for her engagement and bridal photos. While adding just 5-20 minutes per day of vibration technology to accelerate movement, she will be able to cut her treatment time in half! She is already pleased with the amazing results and will have that smile of her dreams on her special day.

youtubeClick here to learn how Invisalign and the new Vpro system worked for our patient Katrina.